Tuesday, February 10, 2009

300, a Snowman, and Zed

Woo-hoo!  This is my 300th post!  And you know what?  It feels like it too.  :)

This weekend, Mike and Magoo went out to make 2009's first snowman.  The snow hadn't been good for snowman making in a while - but this stuff was perfect.  Mike did most of the structural work.

Magoo helped with the patting.

And the decorating.  Here he's getting the scarf just right.

And now the eyes.

Viola!  Magoo and his Snowman.

We're currently in a hot snap, so we'll see how long Mr. Snowman makes it.  But as of right now, he's still standing!

On a completely different note, I was library helper at school today.  It is a normal Kindergarten class, like any other.  And like any other there are the stinkers.  Last time I was there the main stinker, stinker #1 - who I will call Zed - was not there and BOY what a difference.  So much easier.

Zed was there today, though.  And so was main stinker #2 - who I will call Bill.  

The librarian was trying to read books about love, since Valentine's Day is right around the corner but Bill and Zed were giggling about poops, tenders, and pee.  It wasn't long before Zed had to sit in a chair away from the group.

When the kids were allowed to pick out books, I went with the group to navigate the stacks.  The librarian was speaking to Zed, Bill, and a couple other boys who had a hard time listening.  Zed even manage to get kicked out of that group.

The next time I saw him, he was sitting in a chair in the hall.

Shortly after that, because he was talking to kids in the halls, Zed had his chair turned to face the wall.

I have to believe if it was acceptable to put a child in a closet, Zed would have his own private office most of the day.

Ah Zed.  Zed, zed, zed.

For what it's worth, Zed didn't seem at all upset to be in the hall.  I think he was quite used to it.  Maybe he preferred the quiet to let him imagination roam free?  Maybe he just liked being outside the box?

Magoo and I just started reading Captain Underpants.  If ever there was a book that was written for my son - it's Captain Underpants.  On the back cover there is a short bio on the author, Dav Pilkey, which said, while at school, he spent a great amount of time at his own private desk in the hall.  He would sit and write stories about a character he called Captain Underpants.

I wonder what Zed will write about?


Chicklebee said...

Do you know why Zed was in time-out!?! He sucker kicked some other little boy! Their poor poor teacher. The library assistant was telling me that everyone is at their wits end with this kid. AND... this is his second year in kindergarten! Oy-vey!

We were admiring your snowman when we drove by the other day! He's quite stylish with his red beret!

Jessica said...

We had a kid in my class just like that, JP was his name and that was before ADD.

What's a tender?

Chicklebee said...

Jess, wasn't JP the one who had a crush on you and put snow in our mailbox (Man, Dad was MMMMAAADDD!)

Julie_c said...

No, I didn't know Zed did that. My goodness - he's a handful. Yesterday when I went to pick up Cam he was asking if he and Cam could have a playdate. Uhhhhh, let me think about it.


Jessica, a "tender" is another name for nuts. As in, he kicked me in the tenders!

Jessica said...

Oh my! So glad I have a daughter!! ;)

Jessica said...

Oh ya, congratulations on your 300th post!!!!!!
That's a lot of writing!:)

Chicklebee said...

How come there was no contest for the 300th posting!?!?!?! I want some earings, man!