Friday, February 13, 2009

The Dam

Magoo and his buddy, N, had wanted to build a big damn in the puddles in back of the school yesterday.  It started sprinkling so I made them come home.  By the time we got back, the sprinkling had stopped.  There was plenty of water in the sidewalks - so they decided to build their dam out front and wrangled a couple older boys to help.

Here's N laying out the sticks.

When that was done, Magoo was ready for some ice fishing.

They played outside until they gathered all the stray sticks and were soaked through.  Then we headed in to warm up.

Still, it was good to be outside - to be able to watch them run and jump and plot and plan.  And this muddy, ucky melt is always the first sign of Spring for me.

I hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day!


Chicklebee said...

How fun! Life doesn't get much better for boys than mud, a big puddle and a bunch of sticks! Thanks for letting him hang out with you guys yesterday!

Julie_c said...

He and Magoo played very well together. We'll talk about having him over for a sleepover when you get back.

Jessica said...

Oh this reminds me of our childhood when the back yard skating puddle would melt in the spring thaw. We would get our sleds out and pretend they were boats and have the greatest time with the neighborhood kids.

Looks like all the boys were having a grand time! Thanks for letting me see my nephew in action ;)

Chicklebee said...

I forgot about that! Boy, did we have fun with that puddle! It was HUGE, Tiny Elvis!