Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Jewelry

Over the weekend I was able to sit down for a bit and piece together more jewelry.

This is a pendant that I made out of avacado polymer clay.  (The green doesn't really sing in this pic.  It's the same clay and style I made the earrings with.)

It's strung together with ochre floss and silver, wood, and clay beads.  Here's a detail of the pendant.

I made some faux turquoise earrings.  (I really like how these turned out.)

And I finally used the kanji earring beads I'd made awhile ago.  The rest of the stuff went in my little cigar box of things I'd like to try to sell eventually - my stash.  But these are for me.  In fact, I'm wearing them right now.

That said - if you're in town and you want to look in my "store", please feel free.

Again I want to refer anyone interested in making their own beads to this wonderful book, How to Make Polymer Clay Beads by Linda Peterson.  I show it to all my crafty friends and everyone thinks it's pretty darn cool - which it is.


äiti said...

Really nice, Julie!

Jessica said...

I am totally digging the hand. Makes me think of Lost, but is it a foot I am thinking of?

More beautiful work! Better watch out, Sara's going to be into your stash!

Martha called me last night and was very excited because she found a surprise package at her front door when she arrived home. She loves her new bag and was looking forward to carrying it with her to work today!!