Friday, February 27, 2009

A Trip to the Rink

Last Sunday, we finally got Magoo out to the rinks.  Magoo is not a gung-ho skater.  It's difficult and he gets frustrated.  But the boy does love an arcade and this rink has one.  After a turn around the rink he was already asking if he could go and play some games.

It took awhile for him to get his ice legs on, but it was much, much easier on Mike and I because he's so much taller.  We could hold onto him and NOT get the tremendous back pain we're used to.

And when he felt comfortable, we took him out to the middle so he could practice skating between us - back and forth - solo.

A little more nervous than last year. (You know I thought I had previously posted about going to the rink, but I can't find any old shots.  You'll just have to trust me.)

But we still had a lot of fun.

And I think Magoo loves to do just about anything with his daddy.

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äiti said...

Looks like fun :-) The arcade is a big draw for my guys too. I can't STAND the arcade. I become acutely germphobic in arcades and cannot tolerate the din. *Sigh* A true sensory nightmare...