Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yet Another FIsh Painting

You know what kind of blows about painting fish?  Coming up with titles.

I'm calling this one Three Goldfish 2009.  Catchy - right?

I needed to get back to painting and get something into the gallery before the owner had a heart attack.  So this one is a little smaller (24" tall) than the giant watercolors she likes - but it was good to get me warmed up and back into the groove.

Maybe next week during February break I can work on a big one.

It's very difficult for me to write when Magoo is home, but I can usually paint.

Here's my current To-Do list:
revise one chapter a day on YA (young adult) novel.
work on storyboard for new picture book.
Finish art for new webpage.
Make baby gift for Magoo's teacher.
work on jewelry - HA!
Try to find that library book - due Feb. 23rd.
Fill out grant forms for YA novel.
Clean and organize studio in hopes of finding that library book.
Semi- daily blog.

My goal is to work on three to four of these thing a day.
Today I have done two.
I'd better get back to work!


Chicklebee said...

You need to get Magoo to come up with names for your paintings!

Jessica said...

Cinderfish and her evil step fishters!!

Chicklebee said...

Clever.... very clever!

Julie_c said...

I like that idea!