Monday, March 23, 2009

Bubbles, Kites, and Books

It wasn't the warmest weekend, but it was sunny.  And I think we are all determined to pretend its Spring, even if it doesn't quite feel that way yet.  So Saturday, Magoo went out and made some bubbles.

A few years ago we got this thing called a bubble wand.  You can see it in the pic.  It starts out like a sword, then you dip it in the bubble solution, then you press a button and it opens up and makes nice big bubbles.   Who doesn't love nice, bug bubbles, right?!  Ours broke after years of use - so this is Magoo breakin' in the new one.

No batteries and 30-60 minutes of fun.

Can't beat it.  EXCEPT - maybe with a kite!

Magoo's Aunt Pat got him a sweet little kite for Xmas.  Since it was a nice breezy Sunday, we decided to take it out to the school.  After a couple lessons from Dad on how to work with the wind, Magoo got the hang of it.

He had a ton of fun and I think felt quite proud of himself.

Great gift, thanks Pat.

Now onto the book part:

Planet Esme just did a lovely review of Wink. Thanks, Esme.

And Cynthea Liu, who runs the Authors Now page, said she saw Wink on the wall of her Barnes & Noble and sent me a pic.

There he is all happy and stuff.  Thanks Cynthea!

I have yet to make it back to my B&N to see if Wink is on the wall, but the signing is Saturday so I might just wait until then.


Shelley said...

How cool to see Wink on the shelves. Must be so exciting to see it actually out there! We will look for it this week. I love the new banner. Enjoy your spring!

Julie_c said...

Thanks Shelley.

I haven't seen it on the shelves yet - with my own eyes. I'm not sure if I will until the Saturday book event. I hate leaving my little cave if I don't have to.

Jessica said...

I don't know whether to feel warm or cold seeing Magoo in shorts. We just had snow yesterday and today the windchill is -11 (that's chilly!!)
So I'm a tad bit jealous!!

The bubbles look like so much fun. I am always amazed by the toys they make for kids now a days. Something to look forward to with Frances!

Don't let Sara get near your kite, she could throw a temper tantrum.

How exciting to see your beautiful book on the shelf at the big bookstore!!

Julie_c said...

Sara might not fear this kite - there are no wooden dowels. It's just fabric.

But maybe the hard pieces isn't what she's afraid of.

pahurley said...

I'm so glad he enjoyed the kite! I hope he's able to take it out on many more fun outings!