Friday, March 20, 2009

Fear the Lemon

My son has a glass of milk filled with vitamins and minerals that he has to drink every morning.  We call it Power Milk.  It's not the tastiest thing in the world, but he drinks it up.  Every single morning.  

However, some mornings he needs a little motivation.  Sometimes I'll count to ten and see how far he gets.  He also likes having a smaller cup so he can pour it off and drink it in increments. But if he's really, really distracted and just not drinking - I bring out the lemon. 

It started a few months ago.  I was trying to think up a new way to motivate him so I grabbed a lemon and had it race him.  The lemon had to run across the table before Magoo finished his Power Milk in order to win.  Well, my son is very competitive so he swigged that drink.  But he also really didn't like racing the lemon.  I mean, he really didn't like it.

So now, if he's sitting at the table dawdling all we have to say is, "Should we get the lemon?" And he'll say, "No, no." and start drinking.  

Today I went ahead and propped a lemon up to stare at him.  Sometimes I'll use my lemon voice and say, "Hey, kid.  Wanna race?"  Magoo thinks it's funny but at the same time he doesn't want that lemon coming out.  Then I decided to give it some googly eyes.  

So now we have a lemon staring at us while we eat.  I think he's kinda cute.


äiti said...

Creative, playful parenting... I like it.

Chicklebee said...

AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! I LOVE IT! What kind of nightmares are you instilling in this poor kid!?!?!?! And Now, when Magoo is an old man, we can tease him about being scared of a lemon!

Julie_c said...

Sometimes I wonder if that willt be the case. But it doesn't stop me.

Joan said...

Hey Julie,
I love your new blog header. It rocks!!!

Jessica said...

How does a lemon run across the table? Have you got super lemons down there in the US?

Julie_c said...

Oh, yanno Jessica, it bounces a lot and jumps over juice glasses and such. it usually loses though.