Thursday, March 12, 2009

Field Trip to the Farm

Yesterday I chaperoned Magoo's class field trip to the farm.  It was a cold, rainy day and I was really hoping this trip would be postponed.  But we're in New England, folks.  We're hearty.  We're tough.  And we were going to brave the elements.  Indeed, we did.

Fortunately, some parts were indoors.  Our first visit was with a chicken.  The kids (Magoo pictured) got to feel the comb and waddles.

Then we went over to the pig pen where a 10-week old baby had just been weened off his Mama.  Magoo said it looked like Babe.  

"Babe" was super freaked out by all the loud children so we all sat really still and were really, really quiet, and the little piggie was allowed to come out and explore.  I have to say, the children were excellent!  I think they were very caring of the little pig and didn't want to upset it at all.

Of course, after that show of affection, the tour group leader pulled out a big wooden cutout of the pig and showed us areas of the pig were used to make sausage, hot dogs and spare ribs.  Mmmmmm, children.

Then we went over to visit some new baby lambs.

The top lamb is three-weeks old and the bottom one, that Magoo is petting, is just one-week old!  So sweet!  There were plenty of Mama and Daddy sheep there too and the kids were allowed to feed them yummy treats from their hands.

For me, and I think for the kids, the animals were a highlight.

Then it was time to learn about making maple syrup.  Guess where we had to go for that part?  Outside.

Here are the children huddled in the cold, with rain drizzling down on top of them, watching the tour guide tap a tree.  Don't they look overjoyed!?

It was cold.  And we were up a hill so we had to be careful not to slip and slide on the mud.  Fortunately, no one fell.

Then we headed back to the bus.  Here's Magoo holding his umbrella over his friend's head.  *Gush*  I love that boy of mine.


äiti said...

He is so yummy, that boy of yours. I love his caring nature.

ang said...

The only thing that would have capped off that pig visit perfectly was for the owner to come out with a plate of hot steaming bacon and ham. Hah!

Kudos to you and the kids for sticking it out.

Jessica said...

And this is the seminal point to which some kids become vegetarians. However, such an important lesson to learn where your food comes from. I thought that lamb looked rather tasty ;)

Your Magoo is such a gentleman!!

Jessica said...

Hey, are you doing top model this season??

Julie_c said...

I'm watching Top Model but I didn't think I'd blog about it this year. That said - we can certainly discuss it in our comments.