Friday, March 13, 2009

Me on the Town

Some friends had told me that the Barnes & Noble in town (where I'll be doing a signing on March 28th) had a nice sign of me and my book right out in front.  Last night we had some errands to run so we went and checked it out.  That is a nice sign.

Then we went to REI to take Magoo's bike in for a brake adjustment.  Magoo promptly told the man who worked there that his bike was broken and then wanted to know if the man wanted to look at his Pokemon cards.  (I wonder if he'll have any adult takers for that request?  To him there must be nothing better than looking at Pokemon cards and how could any person, in their right mind, not want to view his collection?!)

Then Magoo and I went upstairs so he could climb on the fake rock while I looked at clearance shoes that were not my size.  When I turned around, he wasn't climbing on the rock anymore.  He was over by the shoe wall checking out his upside-down butt.

I really don't know why I don't see more people doing this.  Doesn't everyone want to know how they look this way?

The other day, the local Monthly paper came out with a very nice article about me called, The Whimsical World of J.C. Phillipps.  My world is whimsical!  Who knew?

There were a few funny statements like, "The picture book, for ages three and up, features Wink, who was born in ninja school."

He was not born in a ninja school.  :)  He lives with his Grandmother.  I'm not sure how that concept got in the reporter's mind, but I think it's pretty funny.  It makes me imagine Wink's mother, swollen and in labor, "I can't make it to the hospital.  Stop there - at that ninja school!"

When the reporter came to my studio, she was quite taken with my little gingerbread man puppets.  I told her that I made them to perform for my son's class.  She wrote, "...which she performs at local schools when asked."  Now I wonder if schools are going to call me up and expect me to have some big puppet production?!  I doubt it.  But if they do, I'll bring my book along and make it a puppet/author visit.  I should make some Wink puppets, no?  You know what would be cool?  Wink shadow puppets!!!  

All in all, it was a very, very nice article.

And if you're not sick of reading about me, the lovely blog, Frolicking Through Cyberspace, did an interview.  My favorite questions was, "If you could live in any picture book, what would it be?"  Isn't that fun?  (I'll make you click over to the interview to find the answer, but I will tell you that it's close to the end and there's a graphic. )

So let me ask you, dear readers, if you could live in the world of a picture book, which would it be? 


Chicklebee said...

That's easy! Ever since I was a little girl, I always though it would be fun to live in Maurice Sendak's In the Night Kitchen. I could fly around in a dough airplane, swim naked in milk and have "the bakers who bake till the dawn so we can have cake in the morn" make me yummy delicious treats!

Julie_c said...

I thought about that one, but I'm really more of a morning person. I have to admit, swimming in milk sounds pretty fun!

Shelley said...

Julie! This is so exciting. I never pre-ordered, but if it comes out this weekend, we will have to make a trip to the bookstore. You are famous already!

I love Magoo's sense of humor. That mirror shot is hilarious!

Being in a story would have to be in St. George and the Dragon (after the dragon was gone) illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman. What a beautiful world. Or maybe one of Ezra Jack Keats stories. Or a Maurice Sendak... well, it's a good question.

Julie_c said...

It's not out yet, Shelley. March 19th.

Jessica said...

Sara had better make room for me in that milk because that was exactly the story I wanted to be in!! Or I could be the missing piece in Shel Silversteins book :)

Julie, I think of you as a whimsy kind of gal!!

As for ANTM, it's still a little early for me to form an opinion, but Celia scares me, she looks like a scary old lady in her makeover shot!

Chicklebee said...

Forget it Kiddo.... Mickey's world is MINE ALL MINE! Okay... I guess I can swim naked in milk with my seeeeester!