Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Freezer Paper Stencils

I was so pleased with how the freezer paper stencils on the baby shirts came out, I've been itching to make a couple shirts for Magoo - and, selfishly, for myself!  Two things occurred that finally made the plan come together: there was a sale on kids t-shirts at Michael's - 2 for $5.00.  Snapped up a couple of those for Magoo.  And, I found a peacock blue t-shirt, half-off, at Salvation Army for me.  Snap.

Now that I had my plain front T's, I had to go through my book of animals and pick my patterns.

Magoo wanted an elephant and a sting ray.  (Stingray not pictured.)

I wanted a bird.  I was going to use a larger version of the bird I used for the baby shirts, but then this raven called out to me.

I couldn't deny the raven.  I just couldn't.  It's been a little cool to model my funky new T (that I love) but soon - so soon - I'll be out and about in it.  I think I need to make myself a ninja shirt.  Magoo would probably like one too.  I guess I'd better get my butt back to Salvation Army.


äiti said...

LOVE these!

Chicklebee said...

Saw the article about you in the West Hartford Life today... you're famous! Maybe if we tell the potential buyers that we have a famous children's book author / illustrator who lives up the street, they'll snap it up?

Julie_c said...

Yes Sara - I'm sure that will do it. You might as well raise the price on the house while you're at it. :)

Jessica said...

Love these shirts!! Pretty colors as well!!