Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Earrings

Deep into my hobby of 2009 - bead and jewelry making - I wondered if I could make beads that sorta looks like the collages I did for my bathroom.

I wanted fun colors - something bright for spring and summer.  But I thought I'd start easy and just do rectangles because I'm not entirely sure how to go about the drops and dots.  

So last week - on a day when I wasn't too busy - I sat down with my clay and pieced a bunch of things together.  Sometimes they looked good.  Sometimes not so much.  But here are the keepers.

These were from the earliest batch.  The lines are still pretty straight.  As I proceeded with the building of layers and chopping off excess, I'd build new pieces to play with.  That's where the ones below came from.

I liked the simpler color scheme here too.  

After awhile though - the clay got pretty messy.  Too many colors.  Too little design.  Then I knew it was time to stop.

I have one more pair of beads to make into earrings.  And I made some pendants too - but I didn't hear the timer go off so they burned.  Boo!

Oh well - these were fun to make and each time I try something I learn a new trick.  Maybe I'll try the pendants again, but this time with dots?!


Chicklebee said...

I love the colours you used. Very cool beads!

Jessica said...

Wow, these are delightful Julie and I like your choice of colors. I remember having so much fun making these kinds of beads. It can get so addictive.

I have to say as well that you have photographed them beautifully!!

äiti said...

Ditto on the photos! Really nice, Julie :-)

Julie_c said...

Isn't that green background fun? I love the macro lense on my Canon.