Monday, March 16, 2009

Presenting: The Skateboard

A couple years ago - or maybe it was only last summer - I purchased a $5.00 skateboard at a tag sale.  Magoo was too little for it at the time, but I figured better to get one now and have it, then want one later and not be able to find one on the cheap.  (That's the way I roll - on the cheap.)  

It's been sitting on the tippy-top shelf in the garage for awhile now.

Saturday was gorgeous.  We were outside and some friends were over.  Magoo asked me to help him get something out of the garage and I knew exactly what it would be.  The skateboard.

I dug out some elbow pads and his helmet and let the kid have at it.

It took a few tries to get the footing right.  Here's Magoo on the front of the board with his buddy studying his technique.

Then N (the buddy) had a go.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.

After a few tries on both sides, they were getting the gist of it and it was time for a race!
Not really, though.

Any weekend when the sun is out and friends are over is a good weekend.  But it's always fun to watch Magoo try something new.   Sometimes it doesn't work out so well.  He can get easily frustrated.  But sometimes it's as simple and right as a boy bonding with his skateboard. 


Jessica said...

Hang 10 Magoo!!

I love this because Josh was a skater in his younger days and I also did a bit of skatin'!
Before you know it Magoo is going to be bugging you to build him a half pipe in your yard :)

Ok, that is definitely my sisters boy, riding a skateboard and out playing in cowboy boots!!

Julie_c said...

I'm so glad you noticed the cowboy boots! Isn't that hysterical. Sara actually told me you were quite the skatergirl!

Chicklebee said...

Yes, the boys and their cowboy boots... they have their Mother's shoe fetish!
It really was quite incredible to watch Magoo (and N.) hop on and get the jist of it in just a few tries! I think it would take me MONTHS to try to ride that thing.
Boy, are we ever lucky to have such great buddies living up the street who share their awesome toys!