Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Weekend

I'm calling it - Spring is here.  Oh sure, it's early Spring.  It's wet season.  Things are still pretty brown and mushy.  But the weather was sunny and warm this weekend and the neighborhood came alive with boys.

We have three new boys in the neighborhood.  But since they moved in at the beginning of winter, we haven't seen too much of them.  Magoo was so anxious to meet them.  My kid ain't shy.  But I think the younger two of the new boys are a little shy - so it may take a few warm weekends before everyone feels comfortable with each other.

I often wonder what's the age when instead of barreling through a puddle, a child will go around it.  For this one, the answer is four.

Here's a group of boys with their helmets on, ready for action - standing around looking at Pokemon cards.

Magoo and his buddies jump for joy.  "It's Spring!  It's Spring!"

I'm jumping internally.


Jessica said...

Swords, guns, bikes, pokemon and puddles, what more should a boy need?? Looks like lots of fun in your neighborhood, and in t-shirts I might add. So jealous!
Hey, maybe if you are lucky you might have some more new boys in the hood come June!!

Julie_c said...

I HOPE whoever moves into Sara's place has some nice children. I've given Sara a list of criteria I need the new neighbors to meet - we shall see.