Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today is the Day

Wink! The Ninja Who Wanted to Be Noticed should be available today in bookstores.  Will it be available in your local bookstore?  I don't know.  If it's a big bookstore like a Barnes & Noble, it might.  It might not.  It depends on the store's buyer.  But Mike and I plan to go out after dinner and see if it's at our local bookstore.  (Also, it depends on when the people in the store room unload the boxes.) 

One of the things I've been looking at is Wink's rating on Amazon.  How fun and devastating at the same time!  A few days ago, it was at #13 in Fiction-children's-sports-martial arts.  Then it dropped to #29!  Twenty-freakin'-nine!  UG.  A bunch of Kung-fu Panda books were ahead of it and even one called Julie Black Belt.  Betrayed by my own name!!!

But now look - it's at #7!  In your face, Po!

And maybe I'm crazy, but 47,554 in general doesn't seem that bad to me.

Now here's the really funny part.  I went on Amazon this morning to find that you could already get 3 copies used.  Used?  It just came out today!  I wonder if some people get advanced copies and then give/sell them to bookstores.  I dunno.  But I did notice that one store was selling new ones for $7.99 - that's a good price!

But now look down to the bottom...
One place is selling a new Wink for $77.53.  Am I dead?  Did I die?  $77.53?!?!?  Is this the special gold encrusted Wink?!  What the...huh?

Well, good luck to that seller if they can get it.

Anyway - it's available today and I hope my mother's copies come soon because the woman is DYING to get her hands on them.

UPDATE - I'm up to Number 3 in my category and 16,725 in overall sales rank!  Thanks so much to all who bought a copy (or two or three) of Wink!


Buzz de Cafe said...

i guess i have to show you how to take a screenshot

Chicklebee said...

The boys are I are going to B&N on Saturday morning to get our copy!

Boy, watching those numbers is like negotiating a house sale....

pahurley said...

Well, I did my part for your AMAZON ranking and the economy! Bought 3 copies -- friends' kids' birthdays coming up. And one for me! (Of course, I'll want an autograph next time I see you!)
I'll stroll through a couple of bookstores on my way home (1 block from B&N, 4 from Borders)

Congratulations! I hope you're enjoying your day, basking in the accomplishment!

Julie_c said...

Thanks Pat!

ang said...

congrats julie! this is crazy exciting!

Beeney said...

Hooray! I am so proud of you!

Happy Book Release Day!

Happy last day of winter!

Happy Spring!

Sending great big hugs and cheers,

Natalie said...

YAY, Julie! And I LOVE the new Wink look of your blog. Happy birthday to Wink!

Robin said...

Amazon rankings be damned, you're #1 around here. And I love the new header!