Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bathtub Fountain

When I walked into the bathroom yesterday evening to check on Magoo in the tub, the lighting was perfect for pictures.
It's easy to get him to pose if he's doing something he likes.  I must have taken eight spit shots.  (Don't worry West Hartford residents - this was AFTER the boiling precautions were lifted.)

And then I got a shot of him right after he spit a little at me.  He looks so devilish!

In other news:

I am reseeding my back lawn.

The roofers are coming tomorrow to give us a new roof.

Penguin has ordered a second printing of Wink!  (Yeah)  I'm told that the sales numbers are very good for a debut picture book.  Thanks to everyone who picked up a copy.

I'm preparing for a Kindergarten presentation on Friday.

And I'm busy working on storyboards for a second Wink book - fingers crossed.

Happy Wednesday!


äiti said...

Great pics :-) And congratulations on the second printing!!!

Chicklebee said...

YAHOO!!! For Julie and Wink!

Jessica said...

That bottom photo is the best. Just look at that dimple! Definitely one to pull out and show him when he's all grown up!!

Yay for wink!!

Shelley said...

So excited about your book! Congrats!

TitansFan said...

Nice fountain :P My bathtub fountain is when I stand up in my Whirlpool Tub and the water level goes below a water jet.