Monday, April 27, 2009

Crazy Hot

It's April.  A-Pril.  Not June.  Not July.  So why was I busting out the swim trunks?  Because it was freakin' hot.

It was so hot that my friend Heather and I took four boys to the playground and they asked to leave after 30 minutes.  They were too hot.

So I suggested a jaunt through the Sprinkle Rocket.  I love that thing.

Then, Magoo had two birthday parties back to back.  One was at a place called Timber Gyms where the kids ran and climbed and jumped on playscapes, ladders, and slides.  That was 90 minutes.  Then we drove to Jump Zome, where many of the same kids ran and climbed and jumped on inflatables.  They were having a blast, clearly, but they were so tired.  All their little cheeks were bright red.

At 7:00 pm - 45 minutes into the second party - pre-pizza and cake - Magoo wiped out.  He tripped on the carpeting and skinned both knees.  That was it.  He was too tired to recover and we left.  (I was kinda ready to go.  That was a lot of party for Mama too!)

You'd think with a day like that, the kid would sleep until noon the next day.  Not my boy.  Up at 5:45!


We're still feeling the heat, but today it is reasonable.  Low 80's.  Crazy.


äiti said...

I feel you. And the AC in our car broke. We're chilling under the ceiling fan today :-)

Chicklebee said...

I love this weather. I love coming home after school and jumping in the sprinkler, then staying in our suits and eating dinner in the backyard. It's the perfect weather... now if it will just stay... and not get any warmer... or humid!!
The other thing I like about this weather is that everyone is in a good mood and HAPPY to get out of bed in the morning (at the crack of dawn!).
That Magoo sure is one social butterfly!

Julie_c said...

The 70's is my sweet spot., Especially low 70's. Oh baby.