Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Eating Underwear

We have a little game in our house.  At any given meal, Magoo will ask, "Mom, what are you eating under there?"  The correct response should be "Under where?" And then Magoo would say, "You're eating underwear!"  And laugh.  Mike taught him this and it caught on like wildfire. A couple months ago it was in heavy rotation, but it has since calmed down and we now only hear it occasionally.  I used to play along all the time, but then I got bored.  I also didn't like the fact that Magoo never answered it himself.  He'd always say, "Nothing."  He never allowed himself to be the one eating underwear.  I didn't want to be the only one eating underwear, after all. 

This morning I was making Magoo's lunch in the kitchen.

Magoo:  Mom?

Me:  What honey?

Magoo: What are you eating under there?

Me: I'm not eating anything.  I'm making your lunch.

Magoo:  No, no.  Mom, what are you eating under there?

Me: Nothing.  I'm packing you a rice cake.

Magoo:  No.  Say 'Under where?'

Fine, I thought.

Magoo:  What are you eating under there?

Me: Under where?

Magoo: (laughs)  Okay.  Now you say it to me?

Goody, I thought.  He's finally going to play along.

Me: Honey, what are you eating under there?

Magoo:  Nothing.




äiti said...

Thanks for the laugh :-)

Jessica said...

He's a cheeky little monkey;)!