Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lady Bags

April was the month for bags.  Well, I made two.

My friend Heather had a birthday and she wanted a version of the mini tote I made myself last year.
I didn't want to make red again - I hate repeating myself - so I went with a bright, summery yellow.  I saw an embroidered umbrella on PurlBee which I liked a lot - so I used that for the front design.  Here's a detail shot:

I think it turned out nice.  But a strap has already broke so I need to repair it.  I'll have to double stitch those straps in next time.

Then Magoo was invited to a little lady friend's birthday party.  Her name is Vivian and she is super sweet so I wanted to make something special for her.

So I made this bag, lined it to hide the threads, and then filled it with art supplies.  I think it's safe to say I won't put this much effort into every birthday gift he gives - but this bag sure was fun to make.  I hope she liked it.


äiti said...

Such a talent, you are (says Yoda) :-) These are beautiful!

ang said...

these are awesome. "lady bags" almost sounds are little provocative. maybe it's all the breastfeeding that sends my mind to that corner. where do you find the time?

Jessica said...

Those are super cute. I like the edging fabric on the yellow bag, looks like rain clouds. And check out all that detailed work on the Vivian bag, front and back! Nice work Julie!!

Joan said...