Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pre-School Author Visit

This morning I had my first official school visit.  It was to a preschool that a friend's daughter attends.  I'd been emailing the director back and forth and I planned to do 1 - 2 presentations for the children.

I ended up doing 4.

But it was a good learning opportunity for me.  This was my basic presentation:
- present a list of terms and ask kids if they knew what they meant, i.e. ninja, stealthy
- read book and ask questions, i.e. How do you think Wink felt?  What do you think happens next?
- present dummy book and do a compare and contrast between old art and book art
- Q & A

This is what I learned:
- The kids did not know what most - if any - of the terms meant and calling on many kids got hectic and time consuming.  By the second presentation, I was only asking if anyone knew what a ninja was and just defining the rest of the terms in a quick, simple way.
- they did enjoy listening to the story and they were good about answering questions about emotions.  This age group couldn't really predict what might happen next.
- They LOVED the compare and contrast!!!
- Typical Q & A:
Me: Does anyone have any questions about the book.  Yes, Veronica?
Veronica: My mom made eggs this morning.
Me: That's great.  I made eggs for my son, too.  Anyone else have questions about the book.
Ally: Me!  Me!
Me: Ally, if you'll sit quietly with your hand up, I'll call on you.
Ally bursts into tears.
Ally:  But I was doing that.  (tears, tears)
Me:  OK Ally, what did you want to ask me?
Ally:  (Wipe) My brother is learning about Japan.
Me: That's great.  What grade is he in?
Ally: Fourth.
Josh:  My brother's in fourth grade too.
Colin:  So's mine.
And then they were gone....

Once a teacher asked me a technical question about getting published.  As I told her, the kids discovered a bug on the floor and tried to kill it.

All in all, things went really, really well.  I feel like I have a successful 30-minute preschool program.  And I know that 4 preschool presentation is about my mental limit.


äiti said...

This is hilarious! Ah, life...

Shelley said...

Your retelling is too funny! Sounds like you had fun with it, though. Some great moments for your memoirs. ;)

Natalie said...

HA! Thanks for the smiles--your description cracks me up! :-) Glad it went well!

Jessica said...

Boy, you are one very brave and patient lady!

Sounds like a fun day!!