Thursday, April 9, 2009

Symbols of Easter

These jellybeans will not be eaten.

For one thing - no one really eats candy in this house anymore.  I am the exception as I will eat expensive organic dark chocolate.  But anything else makes me ill.

My husband used to be a jellybean monster.  OH how he loved them.   But he's off sugar completely, so these are just decoration.  And my little monster - who is so good - knows that he can't have them either and it hasn't been a problem.

So WHY do we have jellybeans?

Well, Magoo made a bowl in art class.

Isn't it so cute!  It has a lovely yellow glaze and I'm told that's Pikachu in there.

I guess the kids at school were learning sorting or math or something with jellybeans.  The other kids could eat them, but Magoo brought his home instead.  So he filled his lovely little bowl with lovely little candy symbols of Easter.  And they sit on a lovely little table until, three days from now, when I will throw them away in the lovely little trash.

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