Friday, April 17, 2009

Three Boys + Three Sticks = FUN

It is/was a gorgeous day today.  Magoo and his buddies G & O went out to Westmoor Park, a.k.a. The Farm, to have some Friday morning fun.

They walked through the barn and saw the animals in the field.  It was all fine and good.  

Then they discovered some bamboo sticks.

They leapt on the benches.  They fought their way through the forest.  They battled and completed missions.  And they did all this for about 90 minutes without fights or injuries.

This is my favorite shot.  It's like a montage scene from a bamboo-karate movie.  They're all out in the field rocking their kung-fu bamboo moves.  

At one point another group of visitors with scads of children joined us.  Some of the other boys picked up sticks and were told - immediately - to put the sticks down.  Heather, mom of O&G, and I internally chuckled.  It's funny/awkward when parenting styles clash.  We had our boys bring the sticks in while so many kids were around, not because of the other's rules, but with so many kids jumping on the benches, it was only a matter of time before someone got poked.  But as soon as the other group left it was stick city for our boys again.  

They loved the sticks and they were playing so well.  You go, stick boys!


äiti said...

Exactly. How can they learn how to be safe while having fun, doing something they *truly* want to be doing if they don't have the opportunities? I like that last pic, too.

Jessica said...

You are one rebel rousing mama, go Julie!!

I enjoyed the shot with all the animals and those boys look so happy!!

Chicklebee said...

Wah... we missed a fun day :(
How was Ikea. I need to make a run down in the next month to buy some new things we'll need for.... wait for it... our new house! Just have to fill out the paper work, But I think we found it (hope I didn't just jinx it by saying anything...)

Shelley said...

We were on the same wavelength with the sticks, I think! Or rather, the boys were. Great good fun!