Monday, May 11, 2009

The Age of Aquarium

Sunday, Magoo, my mother (a.k.a. Grammy), and I went to the Mystic Aquarium.

(Sidenote: I think Tyra Banks would look at this photo and say that Magoo was working his angles and looked fierce!)

This is the first time we have been to the Mystic Aquarium since the Great Meltdown of '05.
That's right, folks.  It was a meltdown so grand that we avoided the scene of the crime for four years.

See, Magoo has always been an energetic child, but he's usually pretty even tempered.  There haven't been a whole lot of public tantrums.  Maybe that's why that one registered so high on the freak out scale.  Michael, his mom (Mary), Magoo and I went and Magoo couldn't have been less interested in the animal.  he WAS interested in throwing things into the water, like sticks and leaves.  Of course, we kept stopping him and trying to explain why he couldn't do that - but that was the only thing he wanted to do.

Watching Beluga Whales = boring.
Throwing sticks in water = fun.

So this is what happened by the penguin enclosure, when he was thwarted once again:
I took another shot of him at the same place, in a much better mood.

I have to admit - he still wasn't that interested in watching the Beluga Whales though.  He's not really a watcher by nature.  He's a doer.  So we cruised through many sites quickly.

He did enjoy feeling a starfish with Grammy.
And he tried to pet a ray, but not-a-one came close enough.

He did enjoy the sea lion show and we saw plenty of interesting things:
In the end, he was eaten by a shark.  

Kind of a downer end to the visit.  But at least he didn't have a meltdown.

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Jessica said...

A warning to all mothers of six year old daughters in West Hartford: lock them up! That Magoo is going to be a heart breaker and maybe a future Calvin Klein model;)