Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Need Your Opinion

I'm bringing a host gift for the lovely people who are housing me for my Virginia visit and I thought I'd give them a little painting.

I did two oriental brush paintings and I'd like to call for a vote.  Which do you prefer?
(The frames are just sitting on top - that's why there's a huge shadow on each one.)

Above - Plum Blossom.
Below - Morning Glory.

Natalie - if you see this, your vote counts the most.  And it's OK to say - Gosh Julie, they both suck and my parents would really, really hate them.  But you could be nice about it.  :)


Jessica said...

Having no idea who your hosts are, it is hard to say. While I like the Morning Glory for its wild abstractness and red flowers, I would lean more towards Plum Blossom as a gift. It is very pretty and much more serene. I think it could hang almost anywhere with a wider variety of decor.

äiti said...

plum blossom

Julie_c said...

Mike said plum blossom too.

ang said...

i love them both, but for a gift i would pick plum blossom. they are both beautiful. if your hosts are a little punchy and edgy, the morning glory would work well.

Natalie said...

Oh, Julie! They are both so lovely. My parents are lots of wonderful things, but punchy and edgy they are not. ;-) I'd go with the Plum Blossoms. But really, they'll be thrilled to have an original piece of yours. You totally rock.

Rebekah Williams said...

These are both so beautiful! Which did you choose?