Monday, May 4, 2009

Unified Sports Day

Saturday morning, Mike and I got to watch Magoo participate in Unified Sports.  Here he is with his teammates in the opening ceremony parade.

They even had a torch with tissue paper fire for the kids to carry.  Cute.

Magoo did well at volleyball, had some frustration with basketball, but then was happy to go back outside for track.

After throwing javelins and doing the long jump, it was time for the relay race.  He did fine the first time through.  But on the second go he took off without his baton.  He ran from his female teammate like she had jumbo cooties!

After kicking around the soccer ball, it was time for baseball.  

Some of the kids were pitched to.  Some preferred a tee.  There was a tee set up when Magoo came to bat, but he shook it off.  And as Mike would say, he crushed the ball.

And to really throw off the other team - he carved a unique path around the bases, choosing to hit third base first, run past it, into the outfield, then come back around via the shortstop position.

He giggled the whole time he was doing it - seeming to delight in the crowd's shouts of "Wrong way!"  "Run to first!"  I can't know for sure, but the impish grin on his face makes me think he did it for the laugh.

At the end of the two hours of athletics - he got a gold medal!  What a proud boy he was! 

His parents are very proud too.


Jessica said...

Cheeky monkey I tell you ;)
Go Magoo!!!!

Shelley said...

I'm with him, make your own rules, go for the laughs! What an awesome kid!