Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Virginia Trip, Part 1: The Country Club

I just got back from Virginia - well, yesterday.  I went to meet up with my critique group, the unofficially named LitWits.  One of the benefits of this getaway was that we got to stay in the LOVLEY home of Natalie's (left) parents AND because they are country club members - we got to dress up and go out ON THEM! (Thanks Chuck and Carol!)

So here's Natalie, me, and Joan all dolled up and ready to go. (Not pictured, Kip and Cynthia, who couldn't make it.)

Here's the menu for the club.  (It's not a great shot, sorry.  I didn't bring the camera with the macro lense.) When I saw crab cakes I got very excited!  I LOVE crab and my buddy Sara, has been bragging about the crab cakes she's been eating in the Baltimore area.  Of course, the crab cakes HAD to be the most expensive thing on the menu right?  $31.00 as opposed to $22.00 and $18.50.  So I asked Natalie, "Am I an a$$hole if I get the crab cakes?"  (Nice talk for the club, right?)  And she told me to go ahead. 

So I did.

Mmmmmmmmmm.  Look at that meal.  It was SO SO SO SO SO good.  And I felt SO SO SO SO SO full afterward.  Of course, that didn't stop us from ordering dessert.  I had an apple crisp since I didn't want to overdo the dairy thanks to my lactose issue.  Natalie ordered the chocolate mousse cake.  O. M. G.  It was like a brick of decadence.  Five people could have eaten this thing!  But it was goooooooood.  (I had a bite, of course.)

Here's Joan and Natalie at the club.  You can see there was a wedding in the background.  

It was a perfect night.  It was warm, without being hot.  There was a slight breeze.  And they had a lovely man singing and playing guitar.  

We got to eat fancy food, look pretty, and gaze out at the water as the sun set.

Oh, what a night.


Chicklebee said...

WOW! What a great weekend! Those crabcakes look DIVINE.... I'm drooling!
Glad you had a great time! And you looked FIERCE in your awesome dress!

äiti said...

Nice! So glad you had the chance to get away. I heart crabcakes myself :-)

Jessica said...

Good call on the crab cakes, they look fantastic and what a treat!

Sara is right, Fierce!!