Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Visit to the Early Learning Center

Friday I had the pleasure of introducing Wink to the Whiting Lane Early Learning Center.

Here I am telling the children that they need to rush right out and buy my book.  (Just kidding.) When I read the story to my younger audiences, I tend to act it out a lot and talk about how the characters feel.  

See, I'm putting my theater training to use.
And it's fun to sit in a teeny little chair.  It's like I'm a GIANT!

I always end by showing the kids how the art progresses.  Here, I'm showing a sketch from the dummy book (in black and white) and the same spread in the finished book.

I always get some amusing answers/observations at this part.  Most of the kids get the big things - like there's a tree in this one, etc.  I always know when I'm dealing with a really bright kid b/c they'll notice subtle differences in Master Zutsu's facial hair.  

But yesterday's observation was a new one.  I showed a group two illustrations of a scene where Wink is fighting a panda, much to Master Z's horror.  One little girl, who I hadn't called on yet, raised her hand.

Me: Yes, honey.  (I didn't know her name.)
Girl: He's a pig.
Me:  I'm sorry.  What?
Girl: He's a pig.
Me: (Confused look on my face.)  You think you see a pig?
Girl: (nods)
Me: Who?  The teacher?
Girl: (nods) In that one he's a pig.
Me:  OK.  Thanks.

I try to take whatever the kids say and spin it in a positive way so they are always giving a correct answer.  I don't want to say, "No, that's wrong."  So even if they're only in the ballpark I help it around - but I really didn't know what to say about this one.  So I just smiled and nodded.  I guess Master Zutsu looks kinda like a pig.  :)


Jessica said...

Those pictures of you sitting in the tiny chair are sweet. Great facial expressions! What do you do, ask the teachers to snap some shots?

It's funny how kids interpret things in their own way.

Julie_c said...

This was Magoo's classroom last year so I did ask one of the teacher's assistants to snap some shots for me. She was great, too. Some people snap three and then if they blow, I've got nothing. Miss Martina snapped 42 shots! I had PLENTY to choose from!