Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wink Wear

I'm going down to Williamsburg, VA this weekend for a writer's retreat/vacation and a book signing.  I was planning my outfits and couldn't figure out what I wanted to wear to the book signing.  So I decided to make myself a Master Zutsu T-shirt.

Here's a detail shot -

I didn't have a good full body image from the book, so I made one.  He's so disapproving - I love it!

I made a Wink shirt for Magoo awhile ago, but I couldn't find a pic.  I'll have to take one of use together.  

If anyone's going to be in the Williamsburg area, my friend Ammi-Joan Paquette and I will be reading (I think) and signing our books at the Barnes and Noble at the College of William and Mary on Sunday, May 24th at noon.  (I linked to Joan's book, so you can check it out.  I'll post about it when we get back and I have pics from the event.)

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äiti said...

Love the shirt. Have a great time!