Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Day at Tootin' Hills

Day 2 at Tootin' Hills School: I did two presentations today.  One for the 1st graders and one for the 3rd graders.  Once again, what a lovely school and lovely students.

I started off by asking the kids if they knew what a ninja was.  The first graders said that ninjas were sneaky and tried to be hidden.  Yup.

The first third grader I called on said, "They come form the Edo period in Japan."

Great googily moogily!  I wasn't expecting that.

The next third grader said, "They cleaned out the food and weapon supplies before they attacked a village."


Clearly these third graders did far more research on ninjas than I had!  I loved it!  But they quickly said that ninjas were supposed to be stealthy and that Wink was not - so I was back on track.

Between groups I went back and signed some autographs on the backs of yesterday's art projects.  It was fun to see them completed.  I usually have to go before all the kids are done and the students really made big scenes out of it.

Here's a collage of ninja heads!

And here are some finished ninja scenes.

I love the blue background Wink.  He's wearing a top hat!

The third graders made me feel like a rock star.  Many kids wanted me to sign their hands!

But my FAVORITE thing is this picture - Julie the Ninga.

Unfortunately, the pencil comments in the background didn't really show up.  The audience is saying:
- This is amazing!
- Awesome!
- You rock, Julie!
- Cool!  
- Fantastic!
- How dose (sic) she do that?
and my favorite...
- This jerky is delishious! (sic)

That was done by Peyton.  Peyton, you're a riot!  I love it!

Thanks again to everyone at Tootin' Hills School!  I was treated so well and it was an absolute pleasure to be able to spend time with you!

(Special thanks to Heather for taking awesome pics and organizing this whole thing and to Librarian Lois for getting me yummy treats.)


Chicklebee said...

Wow! You are a rock star! I don't know if can ever be in your presence again ;-)
What a cool school!

Arsenault said...

Hi Julie, it's me Payton from Tootin' Hills. Thanks for posting my picture on your blog. I can't wait for your next book to come out. Maybe you can come back to Tootin'Hills again sometime.
Sincerly, Payton