Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Boston Trip

Since we had to be in the Boston area for the Newtonville Book reading (see previous post) we decided to go a day early and have a little fun. Here's Magoo on the Cambridge side of the river, with Boston in the background.

Man, I miss that town.

We went to the Museum of Science, which is close to where Mike's sister lives (and where we were crashing.)

Here's our heat sensing family portrait. I guess the lenses in Mike's glasses are pretty cold, eh? This would make a great album cover if we wanted to stat a band!

Magoo and I found a fun mirror and LOOK how smart we are. We have HUGE skulls!

I guess my side of the mirror needed a wipe of Windex or two.

Despite the dinosaurs, animals, electricity, magnets, water currents, and color experiments - the best thing at the whole museum was the escalators!

NOTHING beats riding on escalators. Nothing.

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