Friday, June 26, 2009

Last Day of Kindergarten

(Above) Pictured is the first day of Kindergarten way back in August. Clearly, Magoo was a little nervous. I can remember how first days were for me - so scary because you didn't know the routine or what to expect.

Today is the LAST day of Kindergarten. (Below) And Magoo had a fabulous year!

He has a ton of friends. He loves his teachers. He loves going to school! He's made tremendous strides this year and we took home a wonderful report card. Everyone is very proud of him.

(Below) Here he is showing one of his classmates his father's new Spiderman watch. That's right, it's Mike's birthday and Magoo picked him out a Spiderman watch. Mike asked him, "Do you want to wear it?" And OH MAN was Magoo excited about that.

So Magoo has a lot to celebrate today. Graduating from Kindergarten (What a big boy, mist), Dad's birthday, and tonight we party with the Metcalfe's who are leaving our neighborhood next week (double mist.)

Big day.


Jessica said...

Go Magoo!

Don't you hate how life can be so bittersweet. I feel so sad when I think about Sara and fam. moving away. Now I will never get to see pictures of my nephews. (I see more of them here then I do from Sara;) )

Happy birthday to your hot husband and congratulations to Magoo, have a fun day of celebrations!!

äiti said...

What a big, wonderful, emotional day.

Love the pics.