Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Quilt Art

It's a dreary morning - so I finally got my butt down to the basement to work on a teacher's gift - an embroidered wall hanging.

I got the idea from Soulemama who, I think, did this with some of her children's drawings and I thought it was clever - as so many of her ideas are.

I took a picture Magoo drew and transferred it on some cloth.  Then I carried my little embroidery basket around with me and whenever I had to hang outside while Magoo played, I stitched the design.  Then I pulled some colors from my Martha-stash of fabrics and did a real quick quilted border.  

Inspired by the Improvisational Quilt Project, I didn't pull the ruler out once.  I like things a little off, yanno?

I'm super pleased with it and now I'm thinking I want one of my own.  (Magoo did a lovely drawing of a violin yesterday.)  But this one is for Ms. Claire and I hope she likes it.



äiti said...

Love it!

Natalie said...

Go ahead and send Magoo to my class next year, kay? ;-)