Monday, June 15, 2009

Reading at Newtonville Books

Saturday I had the absolute pleasure of reading, along with Ammi-Joan Paquette and Margaret Muirhead, at the WONDERFUL Newtonville Books. If I had to create a bookstore where I would want to spend my time, it would be pretty close to this one. I might add a cat or two that walk around. I love bookstore cats. But apart from that - this was a fabulous bookstore and they were very, very good to me.

For one thing, Mary, who co-ordinated the event, was clearly "with it." Not everyone is "with it" - I think we all know that. But Mary was A.)easy to find B.) friendly C.) knew what was going on. She also talked the event up because (as you can see) we had a great turnout! Go Mary!!!

Here you can see that I had this lovely picture window behind me. It brought in great light, but I also thought it was fun (when I was in the audience) to see the people walk by and peek in. If I had been walking by, I would have seen all the fun going on in there and jumped right into the store to join in.

Magoo, as always, grabbed a little spotlight for himself. When Mary introduced the three authors and said my name, Magoo boomed, "That's my Mom!" And got a big laugh.

When I read the story, Magoo kept chiming in here and there. "Wink's going to fight with the panda!" Finally I said, "This is my son who wants to be noticed."

That boy can't resist the chance to make people laugh. Fortunately, he's pretty funny.

And here we are. Magoo in his Wink shirt and I in my Zutsu shirt.

After the reading Margaret, Joan, and I signed books. Wink sold out in about fifteen minutes. (Yahoo!)

Thanks again to the people at Newtonville Books and thanks to my hubby for taking pictures.
It was a really fun event!


Jessica Franz said...

Sounds like you have been busy lately! I think the lesson is bring more books to these readings/signings:)

Julie_c said...

True. The store ordered more of the other two authors' books because they are both local and brought in friends. Still - it feels kinds good to say I sold out in fifteen minutes. Hopefully they'll order more.

Shelley said...

Very cool. I love hearing your adventures in author readings. Sounds like your son is very proud of you! Sweet.