Thursday, June 25, 2009

Recent Sewing Projects

June is a busy month. There are birthdays, anniversaries, and the end of school. So I had a lot of work to do. My mother's birthday was June 19th. I went to the art show in town, hoping to find something cool. But nothing impressed me and I thought she'd just as well have one of the embroidered quilt pieces with Magoo's drawing as a centerpiece, as anything else. So I transferred his cat drawing onto clothes and viola'! Cat quilt.

Then I had to make teacher's gifts. I've been making these little pouches for awhile now. You don't need a lot of fabric and can finish one, beginning to end, in less than an hour. Here's the tutorial. Of course, I had to make seven - so that took a little time.

Then I filled them with assorted chocolates and Tic-tacs. Yummy and functional!

Finally, my good buddy Staci came to town for business. Staci's birthday is June 30th, so I got her a present (I actually bought something) but I wanted to send along a couple goodies for her little ones. Her daughter got a zippered pouch (OK, so I made eight of them) with some girly goodies like bracelets and fingernail stickers in it. But her son is only 6 months old. So I made him Humpty Dumpty.

I embroidered the face, but the rest is machine sewed. When I make things for babies, I try to eliminate buttons or anything that might be pulled off and become a choking hazard. I suppose the baby could pull off Humpty's arm - but that thing is so long there's no way he's eating it!

Magoo used to love Dr. Phil when he was a baby. I think it had something to do with the big round head - so I hope little F. likes Humpty.


Chicklebee said...

That humpty dumpty ROCKS!!! Very cool!

Jessica said...

I remember Sara telling me about Magoo's love for Dr. Phil. Every time I see the man I think of Magoo!
Humpty is sweet and the little bags are really cute. I think the idea to embroider your kids drawings is so wonderful and something I will surely do when Frances starts to really draw stuff.
Nice work!!