Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beach Related Thingies

This last weekend we made it down to Niantic and hit the beach. Magoo LOVES the beach. He ran back and forth from our chairs to the water bringing us "beach treasures" to ooh and ahh over.

And he spotted something in the water! (See it on the horizon?)

We have no idea what that ship was doing there but it sure was cool.

You don't see that every day.

Monday I finally got off my butt and made, what I'm calling, the Big A** Beach Bag.

It doesn't look all that large here, but that front pocket holds a magazine. I designed it to fit 3 -4 beach towels, swimsuits, sunscreen, snack, water, etc. I wanted it BIG.

And I'm so impressed that I did my first inside zipper pocket!

Oopsie. I see the photo is sideways - sorry. But you can see the blue zipper. And the hook for my keys - VERY IMPORTANT! I hate not knowing where my keys are.

Now we're really ready for summer fun!


äiti said...

Nice bag! And I love any pic taken on a beach :-)

I bought a bag recently that has one of those carabiner hook thingies in it for keys and love that feature.

Susan Gurry said...


Great bag! Would love to see a pattern/diagram of sorts; I am not creative enough to make one on my own yet.

Chicklebee said...

Hmmmm.... we're going to the beach a lot this summer.....