Monday, July 13, 2009

FIrst Day of Summer Camp

Finally, it's here. First day of summer camp! For the most part, Magoo is excited. When Mike left this morning, he said, "Have fun at camp." And Magoo responded with an enthusiastic, "I WILL!"

But when we got there, a slight bit of hesitation was creeping in. Magoo said a couple times, "I don't know..." But soon another boy, Milo, came along and the two started talking about their ages, Harry Potter, and backpacks.

We saw one other boy that Magoo knew, but he wasn't in the same group. Too bad. Still, Magoo is very friendly so as long as he finds at least one like soul, he'll be fine.

I can't wait to hear how it goes!!!

UPDATE: At pick-up Magoo had a huge smile on his face and told me that the boys' team beat the girls' team. Then he rattled off about five different activities that the kids did. We walked to the car and Magoo said (still glowing off his boy win) "Boys rule!" So I said, "But I'm a girl. What do girls do?" "They like flowers and pink stuff." :)

Then, after a minute of driving, he said, "I had a great time at camp."



Chicklebee said...

so.... how did it go?

Julie_c said...

I updated the post after he got back. He had a great time. I think there will be no hesitation for Tuesday's camp day.