Saturday, July 4, 2009

Gigantic Six Flags Post

Yesterday we went to Six Flags for the VERY FIRST TIME! We probably could have braved it earlier - but at 6 1/2 years old, Magoo is really ready for some rides and he has the energy to last through the day (and the temperment too - for the most part.)

(Above) Here he is with his two buddies G. and O. (Not the best smile from O. but he was excited to be there.)

Magoo met all sorts of "characters" and I took pics of every single encounter. But I'll spare you all because I think two pics of this kind of fun is more than enough. Magoo greeted Porky like a long lost friend. And got devilish with Taz. (He also met The Flash, Green Lantern, Bugs Bunny, Sylvester, Scooby-Doo, Shaggy-Doo, Robin, and Wonder Woman.)

(Below) Here are our friends the Brudz family.

We started off in Wiggles World - nice tame rides to get the kids' feet wet. (Below) Magoo on Captain Feathersword's Ship. He had a blast!

Then we made our way to the Looney Tunes area and Magoo rode his very first (mini) roller coaster. It was fun, but very short. I wished they'd let it run through the track a few more times.

Right next door to the mini coaster was a REAL coaster. It would be considered mild on a roller coaster scale, but it was just right for us. First you have me, who hasn't been on a roller coaster since, probably, high school. Then Mike, who's never been a big "ride man." And then Magoo, a theme park virgin. So it was a BIG ride for us. Heather came too. She's a little bi-polar when it comes to rides. Part of her wants to do all the big thrilling ones, and the other part is scared to death.

The coaster was called Pandemonium and each car held 4 people, who faced each other. Our car rode the track, but it also spun around. We got started and went up the big hill, came down and hit a few turns. I was watching Magoo's face to see if it was too much, or if he was going to hurl, but he smiled and said, "This is awesome!" It was pretty awesome.

After lunch we went into the water park and I didn't take my camera - sorry. We started off on a mild water slide then the kids all wanted to play in the wave pools for awhile. This was fine except I kept eyeing all the big waterslides and I wanted to RIDE THEM!!!

After 15 minutes of play, Mike and I convinced Magoo to come on a family waterslide. OH MY GAWD. So much fun! We had to carry a big four-person tube up three flights of stairs, then they put us in the water and you go into a giant tube where it's PITCH BLACK. (The mother instinct kicked in because I couldn't see Magoo anymore - but I could hear him laughing so it was fine.) We did twists and turns and then went through a waterfall and down a drop that threw Mike right off the back of the tube into the water. SUPER FUN!

We rode that one again then they temporarily closed the rides because a storm was brewing. It rained for maybe 15-20 minutes, then the skies cleared and we were back at it.

We made our way to the other side of the water park (this water park portion is so huge you could spend the entire day here - easy.) We rode another family water slide ride, played in a bigger wave pool, and rode Magoo's favorite ride, Adventure River, three times. It was basically a "river" with a current that you rode on your inner tube. Very gentle. Magoo LOVED IT!

I went ahead and braved a single person waterslide since it was right next to the wave pool and there was no line. Yeah - I'm not 19 anymore. That thing rumbled my bones. At first it was great. I went into the tube, hit the first turn and thought, "Wheeeeee, this is fun." Then it got darker and rougher and it was a little bit like I was a piece of chicken in a zip-loc bag and someone was coating me with bread crumbs. Shakey-shakey. I stepped out of that ride like a drunk stumbling out of a bar. Not cute.

At around 4pm, Magoo started to loose his cool. Nothing bad had happened, his composure just started to crumble. Mike said, "It's like it has been his best day ever and he doesn't know how to handle it."

Most of the kids were tired though so we dried off and changed back into street clothes.

Mike and Magoo hit one more ride while the Brudz gang got dressed.

Then we did a few games. Wac-a-mole ...

And darts - where Magoo won a prize!

Then I posed with Wonder Woman! I HAD TO. IT WAS WONDER WOMAN! (Robin snuck in by my side like that third cousin from Missouri that jumps in the wedding pictures. Oh that sneaky Robin.)

Then we headed home.

It was an awesome day and to prove how wiped out Magoo was, he slept until 9:15 this morning. (Unheard of!)


Jessica said...

Oh man, I would have serious ADD in a place like that! Good for you on braving those scary rides. I feel like such a chicken, I lost all my balls when I hit 30;)

Love the wonder woman pose, maybe you could get yourself a job there. You'd need a good push up bra though;)

Fun times!!

Julie_c said...

If I DID get a job there, Wonder Woman would be a GREAT job! You get to talk to the kids who are SOOO excited to see you and for that character you don't have to wear a sweaty, smelly, 40 lb costume.

äiti said...

Ahhh, such a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing all the pics and details!

cynjay said...

We just went to Six Flags here - my boys are 9 and 12, just the right age to ride the BIG,SCARY roller coasters. My 9 year old has been waiting for years to break the height barrier and this year he did it - rode every single roller coaster in the park. At one point, nobody wanted to ride the scariest one with him, so he marched into line by himself until the guilt caught up with his brother and his dad and they went too.

Unfortunately, just as they are getting old enough, apparently I'm old enough to get pukey on them. I managed three before I had to sit out. Make sure Magoo has a gung-ho friend come with him once he passes the height mark or you'll be packing barf bags.