Friday, July 17, 2009

Judy Blume's Shoulder

My excellent agent is in Chicago at the ALA Conference (American Library Association) and he just sent me this photo he took (maybe?) of Judy Blume and a cute young woman (who is not me.) But look where Wink is. He's dancing on Judy's shoulder!

He's whispering, "Hey Judy, send some of your best-seller luck my way."

And cooler still - he's in the front row of the Penguin Book display. He wants to be noticed, after all.


Chicklebee said...

Ooooooo.... the ALA.... my dream conference ;-)
Way to get noticed, Wink!!!!!

cynjay said...

Not only is that Judy Blume, but that's fabbo YA author Sarah Dessen hugging her. Wink got a two-fer!

Stephen Francoeur said...

As a librarian, a friend of your husbands, and now an owner of Wink (purchased from an indie bookstore!), this feels like as good a post as any to add my comments about what a wonderful book you've written. My wife and I have already begun to tell our friends about it as well. May you have every success with this book!