Monday, July 27, 2009

New Additions

We've added a couple new things to the studio recently.  One is this AWESOME desk I got on Craig's List for $15.00.  I was "window" shopping for a couch when I found this and thought it was too perfect for Magoo to pass up.  To me, the best part is the storage space.  Now I have a place to put all his pencils and folders.  

You see, I'm the evil Mom who makes her kid do homework in the summer.  We don't do much. But the Kindergarten teacher sent home a whole honkin' list of words they should be working on for first grade, and doggonit, we're actually doing it.

I've learned that it's best to do something every night.  Even if it's only one word, because breaking the routine and getting back into it is very difficult on both of us.  But Magoo is doing great with his words and the more he does the better he's getting at sounding things out.

I figured he'd hate the desk.  It symbolized torturous work and an unkind mother. But the other day he said, "I'm going to keep this desk for when I have a son."  !!!!  That's a direct quote.  I wrote it down and taped it to the side of the desk.  I was GOBSMACKED!  So, now I can never ever get rid of it, yanno.  Good thing it's small.

The other new AWESOME thing is a set of library card drawers.
These were Sara's and they didn't want to move them so now they are mine.  (thank you thank you)  OH I LOVE THEM SO!  I have a neat place for crayons, tape, glue, markers, stamps, colored pencils, etc.  And the best part is - you can just pull those drawers right out and plop it down in front of you - so they're like boxes.  

Drawers and boxes all in one?!?!?  I'm in freakin' heaven.


äiti said...

Nice. I love the combo of functional and emotional :-)

Jessica said...

Now you know you're going to be a grandmother some day, that's pretty wonderful!

I think you are an awesome mom for continuing the school work through the summer. It can be so hard to get back into the swing of things when school starts up in the fall, but now Magoo will be ahead of the game.

I am SO jealous of your library drawers. Not only do they look cool, but so practical for art supplies!

Heather said...

Holy crap--you know I have OCD and an addictive personality to boot, so why did you have to show me those damn library card drawers, woman!

Julie_c said...

I know! Those drawers are too awesome!

Heather - you can come over and visit my drawers if you like.