Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pool Party!

Our buddies, The Metcalfes, (who just moved to Maryland) are back for a week. Fortunately for us, they have relatives in town so we will still get to see them from time to time. Extra fortunate for us - the relatives have a pool!

The water was decently cold, so the adults stayed out and ate chips & guac and fruit salad. But the boys braved it. (I made Sara's secret recipe for guac and it turned out quite well.)

Magoo had a life jacket and a noodle to keep him afloat. (Swim lessons start at the end of July.) D had cool Spiderman arm swimmies.

Here's lovely Sara and her youngest.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if The Terminator and Borat had a baby?

That wrap around life jacket was KILLING the adults. N. seemed to like it just fine, though.

Magoo loves camp! Yeah!

I'm waiting on art notes for Wink 2. Hopefully they'll come in soon - I'm looking forward to starting the illustrations. But most likely things won't pick up until fall.

I just got word that WINK is on the first grade reading list for the elementary schools in Newton, MA! Yahoo!

I'm currently working on another picture book manuscript which I hope to send to my editor in the next two weeks. And another larger writing project that may sink or swim - we'll see.


äiti said...

It's so great to hear of the spread of your accomplishments :-) Congratulations. Nice pics!

Chicklebee said...

The torch has been passed... your guac ROCKED!!!! Now, I need to get YOUR secret recipe!
What about the photo of Mrs. Terminator Brudz?
See you in an hour.....

Julie_c said...

You know I was FORBIDDEN to post the pic of Mrs. Terminator. I don't want to get on her bad side!

Heather said...

That's right ladies. There would be revenge. And waving of arms and some screams. And revenge...

Jessica said...

Ahhahahaha!! Talk about wedge-a-rific! Only my sisters kid...;)
A sneak peak of what we're in for next week!

I want the secret.

Julie_c said...

Jessica - there's no secret to mine. It's Sara's recipe. She's so full of it, you know.