Friday, July 10, 2009

Projects: Magoo and Me

I registered for the yearly art show I do in Hartford (in Nov.) and I had to send in a sample of work for the program. This year I get to bring the book in and hopefully sell a bunch of signed copies so I wanted to make a piece that would go with the book. The theme for the group show in the gallery is 20/20, so I made a piece called Twenty Bamboo/ Twenty Ninjas - or something like that. I hate titling things.

Hopefully someone will really like ninjas.

Magoo has been working on LEGOS.

His new thing is doing floorplans. He'll put all sorts of crazy things together and explain to me rational things like where the water system is. He'll then follow-up with where the skeleton and fire bombs are.

He's hoping to make something SO WONDERFUL that they publish his picture in the Lego's magazine that comes every 2 months.

Otherwise we are busy with playdates. Next week Magoo starts three week of morning camps and I will be able to get back to some writing projects. But this week I'm on full-time mom patrol and it's hard to get things accomplished. But it's been a good summer so far and we've had a lot of fun.


äiti said...

Lego floor plans are so cool. Love that one in the pic!

I just went to pick up a bunch of copies of Wink I had ordered through my local indie bookstore. I was deee-lighted to see they had a healthy stack of 'em on a display shelf :-)

Shelley said...

He's quite a thinker. I love that he includes the skeletons too. So important.

Chicklebee said...

Do we have a budding decorator / architect in our midst?
Love the new 20/20 picture.... you should have done a where's Waldo think with it.... where's Wink?