Friday, July 31, 2009


Last year I completely forgot to sign-up for swim lessons.  This year I waited until the last moment - but I did it.  I got him in.  And it's a good thing too.  My boy is a water baby and he's taking to it beautifully.

Here he is jumping in.  He keeps his arm extended so he can grab the side ASAP.
Then they practiced their massive, splashy kicks.  (I had to laugh when the asst. teacher shielded herself from the splashing.  Give it up!  You're gonna get wet!)

Something Magoo is not super fond of is floating on his back.  He feels out of control.  I'm sure once he can actually swim, he'll be better at this.  But right now, he resists it.

The night I was there (it's usually Mike's job to take him to swim lessons) Magoo was the only boy in the class.  He didn't seem to mind though.  He used his time to chat up the ladies.

And they finished class with a noodle chain.  So cute!

He can't "swim" just yet.  But every day he's getting closer and yesterday, at the day pool, he was "swimming" from the wall to my arms and wanting to do some new things and show off his skills.  It's wonderful to see his confidence build.  I know once he's independent of flotation devices he's going to be a friggin' fish!

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