Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fond Farwell

Yesterday was the final day our good friends, the Metcalfes, would live down the street. The boys, N. and A., came over for a playdate while the parents helped the movers pack up the house.

After the initial amounts of running around, I pulled out the big box o' blocks and the boys (our neighbor, J, on the stairs) built prison cells for ants. Catching ants was a lot harder than I'd imagined. Those buggers can really run when they know you're after 'em!

But that was really a bigger boy activity. A. was content to focus on his design.

Here are the three draped in gold streamers - The Golden Triangle Ninjas they called themselves.
Did you know ninjas wear black for night missions, white for snow missions, and gold for disco missions?! True fact.

Our other two buddies, O. and G. came over to join in the final playdate. Here are the five on the stairs.

At one point O. and N. were sitting eating popcorn.
N - You're my best friend. I'm going to miss you.
O - I'm going to miss you too.
Then they sat and talked about how they were brothers and all the ways they were alike. It was very sweet.

It's sad for all of us here in West Hartford to watch them go. But they'll be back to visit often since they have family in town. In fact, they'll be back in a week and a half! So we didn't have to say good-bye. We said, "We'll see you soon."

Best of luck to you all. We love you!


Jessica said...

Excuse me while I go to find a tissue, snif, snif...:(

Chicklebee said...

We've been so busy this week... I haven't had time to really reflect on the gravity of this situation. Until now, when I read your posts. Holy smokes do I miss you guys! I'm counting down the days till we're back to see you.... one week from today we'll be at O's b-day party! Keep your ears open for any Frederick Rd. gossip ;-)

Julie_c said...

I've only caught glimpses of the new folk. They have two dogs.