Thursday, August 27, 2009

Circus Camp

It was the hottest week of the summer - and Magoo's busiest. He learned a ton of cool things at JuggleJoy Circus Camp. (Above) Here he is juggling scarves.

The kids worked really hard to put on a great show for us at the end of the week. Poor babies - it was so humid. Most of the kids didn't wear their costumes or make-up because they just couldn't bare it. (Good thing I put Magoo in colorful shorts!)

The show was about a group of circus performers making their way through the Fairytale Forest. Magoo had a part in the first scene. He was a bush.

He was totally believable. Very leafy.

For the rest of the show, he joined in the tricks. Here he is tossing hoops.

And working with a devil stick. (Look at that concentration!)

They also walked a balance beams, used stilts, whipped around these poi-thingies, and balanced peacock feathers.

Oh - and they did a magic trick:

I think Magoo had a great time. But he was happy to take a week off and rest before school starts on Monday.

(Photo credit to Mike for the still shots. Nice job!)

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