Sunday, August 9, 2009

Half Birthday Part 2: The Cake

I made our birthday tradition: honey cake.  I also made Devil's food cake cupcakes for the kids who might not be digging the gluten-free, sugar-free honey cake.  (Can I just say how EASY making something from a mix was!?!?  Soooooo easy!)

Here I am, singing Happy Birthday.  It was kind of a slow dirge version since if I moved too fast the six and a half candles went out.  

In this shot, I'd like to point out the Lego catalog on the table.  One of the boys brought this down from Magoo's room and it was the HIT of the party.  I couldn't pry the thing out of the boys' hands!  There was always a group, salivating, over some awesome lego creation or another.
And here's the half birthday boy (with blue tiger face-painting) chowing down.

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