Sunday, August 9, 2009

Half-Birthday Part 4: The Kids

Here's the group that made it this year.  This is the third shot I took, trying to bride the children with the pinata if they would simply take their hands away from their noes.  (I got all but one little stinker.)

Magoo asked for Pokemon cards and he got LOTS of them.  Here he is with his buddy, W., looking through a binder full of them.

He wears the dead on his head.

The Devo glasses and waterguns were a hit.

Some games.  Muscial plates (above) and Mr. Fox (below.)  Although it looks a little like Chariots of Fire to me.

It was a FANTASTIC DAY!  We lucked out on the weather and all the kids had a ball.  Now I need a few days off.  I'm one tired Mama. 


Chicklebee said...

Looks like another fabulous party! You know how to throw em!
And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress you're wearing! Is it new!?!?!?!
The Devo glasses ROCK! Should have stuck some flower pots on their heads too!!!
Thanks for the photos! I can't wait to show them to N&A!

Julie_c said...

I made the dress. I'll blog about it this week. Thanks.

Chicklebee said...