Thursday, August 20, 2009

Illustrations That Never Were

This is my project this week: matting and framing unused illustrations from dummy books that only got so far.

Two years ago, I agreed to do a show at the Newington Library.  At one point it got pushed back and then I didn't hear anything for a long time and I thought they maybe forgot about me.  I was kinda cool with that because I'm busy.  But no.  I got a call in July that asked if I was ready for my September show.  "Uh...sure."

I have some framed art from my regular November show.  I always have a few pieces in the basement ready to go.  But I didn't have nearly enough and I didn't have time to make a bunch of new pieces because summer time is 24/7 Mom time and you can't make collages when you're at the pool.  So I figured I'd pull out some of the art I did for a few proposed stories - and I certainly have a lot of that.

It's nice because some of these pieces are never going to be in the pages of a book.  (Some of them still have hope.)  So this will be their moment to shine.

This is from a story I did about a loaf of bread with heroic aspirations.  I love his little shoes.

This is from a story about an old man that recaptures the joy of his youth through bathtub boats.  I actually like this piece quite a lot.  I think I will make another one - but with a child in the tub - for my November show.  Maybe I'll put the old guy in there too.  (Not in the tub with the boy.  I mean, I'll put the pic of the old guy in the show.)  You never know what people will buy.

These are my favorites.  I LOVED the story they came from.  It was about a working man on his way to the office who keeps doing things he was forbidden to do as a child, i.e. jumping in puddles, and emerging younger and happier each time.   It may be a story more suited for adults, then kids.  Maybe not too marketable, but I liked it and I loved the way the art turned out.  I might try to find a place to hang these in my studio when the show is over.

Now I have to put some wire on the puppies and wrap them up.


äiti said...

I love having the opportunity to sit at my computer and bask in such wonderful talent.

You're amazing.

Julie_c said...

Aw thanks.

Jessica said...

I would love to spend a day in your imagination. Man, what a cool trip that would be!

I thoroughly enjoy seeing your work and hearing the stories and ideas behind them make them all that much more enchanting.

cynjay said...

I loved all those stories and they SHOULD see the light of day in all their glory!