Monday, August 24, 2009

Magoo Takes A Flying Leap

This last week has been a big one at the pool. Magoo has been swimming like a fish. When he's fully emerged he can go really fast and I've given him the nickname "Torpedo" which he is quite happy with.

He's also learned how to jump into the deep water, all by himself, and swim to me. And he'll try to touch the bottom.

On Friday, he jumped into the deep diving pool solo. And on Sunday, he jumped off the diving board!

I tell ya, he's a swimming stud! Check it out:


Chicklebee said...

Thing 1 & Thing 2 are VERY VERY IMPRESSED!!!!! Thing 1 says, "Magoo, you're perfect!" We watched it ten times! The boys are inspired and want to be swimming like that next summer when we join our pool. Way to go Magoo! YAHOO!!!

Julie_c said...

It's funny, two weeks ago he couldn't swim. But it was like the second he got it, it all clicked into place. And then with Owen and Gus there, once one jumped in the pool, then the other would want to, then the other. No one wanted to be outdone. The upside of peer pressure!