Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Red Mushroom

Magoo and I just got back from a playdate.  It didn't end well.  Magoo is lying on the couch, in his birthday suit, with seven bandages on his back.  He fell from the monkey bars and scratched his back on something on the way down.  It's a doosey of a scratch - but it's still just a scratch. No stitches needed.  Just some ointment and TV.  But it's also more than a scratch.  It's the result of a new level of realization.

But let me go back in time.

Yesterday, about 10 minutes before I took Magoo to a playdate, I found him nibbling from an old ziploc bag of chips.  "What are you eating?" I asked, like I normally do because it's odd to see him with food that I haven't fetched for him.  At first he gave me his usual impish look, then his expression drooped and he asked, "Am I going to get sick?"

(If you don't know us, Magoo has dietary issues and there are many things he shouldn't eat.  If he were to make a mistake, probably nothing would happen.  It's not like a peanut allergy.  But eating certain foods day in/day out would be bad for his system.)

I told him he wasn't going to get sick and that those chips are OK, only slightly stale.  

"I'm going to get sick," he said.

I repeated that he'd be fine.  Nothing was wrong with the chips.  And told him if he wasn't sure of a food that he should ask me.  He seemed to calm down so we left.  When we got to the playdate, I looked in the back seat and Magoo looked like he was going to lose it.

"What's wrong?" I asked.
"I don't feel well," he said.  "I want to go home."
"Honey, you're fine," I said.  (He was fine.)  "Would you like a drink of water?"
"I want water at home," he said.
"We're here now.  Let's go in and have some water."
"Can I have a drink of water at home, please?" he asked.  It nearly broke my heart but I knew he was fine, just freaking out.  And I also knew that within 60 seconds of seeing his friend he would get over it.
"I'm sorry sweetie.  We're going in.  But if you feel sick later, you can ask to call me."
Magoo's buddy ran out of the house to greet us, and Magoo turned that frown upside down.

I picked him up two hours later and Betsy* (*name change) told me that Magoo had gotten upset when he had touched the bug bites on her son's shoulder and her son had told Magoo it was poison ivy.  Magoo got concerned and insisted that his hand be washed.  After awhile, he accepted that they were bug bites and calmed down.   

So that was yesterday. Chip scare.  Poison Ivy scare.

Today we are at our friend Heidi*s (*name change) house playing in the back yard, and while she is scanning the yard for dog poop, she sees a red mushroom.  

"Aren't these red ones poison?" Heidi asks.
"I don't know," I say.
"The red warns birds to stay away and not eat it.  Right?" she asks.
"Well, I don't think you're supposed to eat it," I say.

Magoo and the other boys had been having a ball, sliding on the slip-n-slide, when all of a sudden Magoo is by my side on the patio.  I forget how it came up, but he was concerned about the red mushroom being poison.  I went and picked it and threw it away, but he still didn't want to go into the grass.  So Heidi and I went on a red mushroom search to see if there was any more.  Nope.  Magoo calmed down a bit.

Then - I think - one of her boys mentioned poison ivy - or maybe it was Magoo.  He asked if he touched it and ate it would he have to go to the hospital.  So I sat him down and explained that if he touched poison ivy his skin would have a red patch and turn itchy, but it would go away in a few days.  He would not need to go to the hospital.  He would be alright.  And Heather and I assured him that there was no poison ivy in her yard and nothing that would hurt him.

"This is a safe place," I said as I unwrapped the towel and sent him back to the slip-n-slide.

Having completed my motherly duties of assuring my child's safety, I turned to Heidi to tell the story of yesterday's chip scare.  Not 30 seconds into it, Magoo screams bloody murder.  I turn to see him on the ground by the playscape.  At first I think he's just fallen - I can't see the scratch.  But as I bring him to the patio, the red starts to emerge.  Yeeks.  He lets out a couple more shrill yells and then starts to sob.  

We cleaned him up and Magoo walked home with me.  He's fine.  Oh, I'm sure he's tender.  Like I said, it's a doosey of a scratch, but it will heal just fine.  The bigger issue seems to be the new awareness of poison and toxins.  On the walk home, Magoo asked me about radioactivity and if it was real.  This is all new stuff.  Now he's seeing things in TV and bringing them into his own world - are these dangers real?  Do I have to worry about them?  

And come to think of it - at the beginning of Coraline, she got poison ivy on her hand.  Maybe, for Magoo, that's just the first step to finding a secret door that leads to a world where a spider mother has button eyes and evil plans?

I don't know.

But I do think we'll be having a talk about poison ivy tonight and I don't think the night light is going off any time soon.



Heather said...

Ok, how did you get a picture of it?!

We hope Cam is recovering from the unsafe experience at our place :(

Julie_c said...

I actually just googled "little red mushroom." I like to add visuals.

Chicklebee said...

Poor ol' Magoo!!! Sounds like he's having a rough time. Mr. N. has developed a fear of the closet. He thinks pirates are going to come out of it!?!?! (I on the other had have nightmares about crickets!). N. has to sleep with a flashlight and baseball bat now! At least he's not afraid of kites ;-)
That sure is one cool mushroom!