Monday, August 17, 2009

Tomato - Basil Sauce

It was a Tuesday evening and I wanted pasta.  "Why are you specifying Tuesday?" you may ask.  I'll tell you.  We had no pasta sauce and Mike had taken the car for one of his Tuesday night bike races - so I couldn't just run to the store and grab some.  

But I wanted pasta.

Then I had an idea - Eureka!  I checked my garden and found two ripe tomatoes and fresh basil.  "I will make sauce," I declared.

So I chopped up some garlic and browned it in olive oil.  Then I chopped up my tomatoes along with some grape tomatoes I had in the house and mushed them up in the pan.

I added the basil and salt and got it all good and squishy.

Then I threw it on some pasta and VIOLA!  A lovely light pasta sauce perfect for a summertime meal.

It was so simple and so tasty.  I can't believe I never thought of it before.  But I will know just what to do as the tomatoes ripen - because I LOVE PASTA!


Buzz de Cafe said...

yeah, that was tasty

Jessica said...

Mmmmmm... Food is often best when it is pure and simple, particularly when it is the fruits of your labor straight from the garden!
It looks SO good!!

Julie_c said...

The tomatoes are really good. Now that I inherited Sara's big pots - I'm going to do more next year. I love picking fresh tomatoes.