Friday, August 28, 2009

Under The Sea - well, pool

About a week or so ago, I mentioned something to Mike about buying a disposable underwater camera at the drugstore. Then I promptly forgot about it.

You know who didn't forget? Magoo.

We were at Walgreens picking some things up and he saw an underwater camera. So we got it. MAN OH MAN - was he excited! When we got to the pool, he jumped in the 3 foot training pool and said, "Are you ready?" Well, no. I wasn't even in the water. I got in. "Are you
ready?" No. I was only waist deep and it was cold. "Are you ready?!" Ug. I had to submerge before he blew his lid - and then I had to figure out how it worked because the button wasn't depressing. After a couple minutes - we worked out the kinks and the photo session began.

We went to the big pool for most of the shots. And let me tell you, when you're full of air and both of your hands are on a camera, it's hard to stay under the water long enough to frame a decent shot. But we got a few.

This one is Underwater Yoga.

And then Magoo's buddy, O, joined us and they jumped in together.

The funniest part, to me, was trying to explain to Magoo why he couldn't see the photos right away. These kids aren't used to the concept of film. They know digital and immediate gratification. Magoo kept asking, "Did you get it?" Um - maybe? We'll know tomorrow an hour after we drop it off. And he was really excited when he saw was a negative was. How cool is that?! But he was disappointed that we didn't get to keep the camera. I guess he thought it was ours forever. Still - he gets the photos and he's very happy about that.

And I'm happy that I got to capture this big swimming summer. Today it's chilly and the weekend is supposed to be rainy. This may have been the final pool day of the season. But I hope not.


Chicklebee said...

That is AWESOME! How cool!

äiti said...

These pictures rock! And I LOVE the new banner!!

Jessica said...

Those are so GREAT!!!

Even I find film a bit strange now, but isn't the anticipation and wait so exciting!

Julie_c said...

I guess it's a little fun, but I have to say I LOVE knowing immediately if I got a great shot or not. I'm digital all the way.

Heather said...

Love, love them! This has been Swimfest 09, no doubt. I would be psyched if we could gonagain, but the weekend's looking like total crap.